Hello from Penny

Spring 2019

HELLO EVERYONE, blessings and love

Much to tell, good and bad. For now, I’m proud to announce the beginning of my Naked Punk Project, in association with Renaissance One, and visiting a venue near you soon! Click The Naked Punk link to see more info.

Come see me! Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester, Thursday 28th February.

I’ve been busy and ill, busy and ill… friends, you know how it goes. But what can be done? Keep going of course. I’m lucky I live by the seaside – it really does help when life gets challenging.

There will be more soon, and a scintillating new website.

Watch The Naked Punk space…

love and peace



Autumn 2018

Hello dear friends

How time truly flies and flips and leaves us wondering. Where did all that go?

My year has been one of changes big and small. Most recent and most exciting is the publication of my debut poetry collection, Come Home Alive published by the marvellous Burning Eye Books. Honoured and chuffed to be in such top Spoken Word company.

Go to this link to buy direct. And it is available in all the usual places.


There will be a launches in the new year to tie in with my next big year long tour – The Naked Punk tour. Starting in January 2019, more information coming soon. Hope to see hordes of you there! Am open to offers of more events and as usual, let me write for you, and speak at your event. Contact me on the form.

Other big news is I moved to the seaside in East Sussex! I now live a mere eight minute wheelchair stroll to the waves. Leaving London was not easy, but I have no regrets. I’m nearer my other half, and many lovely friends. I lost a garden… but gained the sea. A fair trade off, I would say. A good place to write.

My memoir First in the World Somewhere is still out there and doing well. And there’s one left on Amazon at the moment – will you be the one to buy that?

Remember, rub your belly, let a loved one rub your belly, and know that you are OK. Today’s Penny message!

 Always with many thanks,

All good wishes

Penny X

ps: do get in touch through the contact form at the end of this website – I welcome your comments and requests.