About Me – The Naked Punk

The Naked Punk?

Punk is my raw beginning. It saw my writing find a raging home in early fanzines. It fired a freedom in me to start accepting myself, that I was OK as a human being, as a woman, as a creative, who could challenge the categories imposed upon me. It is the energy that triggered my activism, and my passion for social justice and equality.

I’m Naked because I strive to be open in my writing, to show what needs to be shown. Stories that strip away stereotype and expectation. Stories that subvert and maybe challenge, in the same way I provoke when I’ve posed naked – literally – for artists and photographers, and when I’ve performed burlesque. To draw an audience into a nakedness, to share the fun and the message: accept yourself, accept a new story.

As The Naked Punk, I’ll always be on this bumpy journey. I don’t have answers and it’s not easy – but through my work I’ll enjoy sharing punky naked questions along th way.


A Penny Bio

Come Home Alive, Burning Eye Books, 2018

First in the World Somewhere, Unbound, 2017

A genre-defying and versatile writer, Penny Pepper’s work is a mixture of the quirky and the lewd, with a focus on examination of difference and identity. She wrote the taboo-breaking book Desires Reborn in 2012 and in 2013 she won a Creative Futures Literary Award.

In September 2014 her one-woman spoken word show, Lost in Spaces, premiered to strong reviews at Soho Theatre and is due to tour in Autumn 2015. As a performance poet, she has performed over the UK, including London, Edinburgh and further afield in New York.

Besides recent guest slots on Newsnight, Sky News, BBC Radio5Live Hitlist, and columns for The Guardian.